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Featured in Silicon India

07.08.19 02:37 PM By Alog Tech - Comment(s)
Featured in Silicon India
ALOG TECH was recognized by Silicon India as one of 10 most promising robotics startups in India and were featured in the July issue of their magazine. Read the article at

Smart Robots in Logistics are Everywhere!

18.06.18 12:32 PM By Alog Tech - Comment(s)

"Investments in logistics AMRs are approaching $200 million, so clearly the venture capital community believes AMRs could be a smart investment", says Steve Banker from ARC. Read it on Logistics Viewpoints

Robotics in 2015

30.12.15 02:07 PM By Alog Tech - Comment(s)

With 2016 around the corner, time to reflect on the year 2015! This article in MIT Technology Review summarizes advancements in robotics during the year. While driver-less cars and drones are reality, we have a long way to go in automating mundane tasks like item picking in warehouses, as ...

The fastest growing civilian sector for service robots is Logistics!

02.12.15 11:39 AM By Alog Tech - Comment(s)

Pleased to share this report by DHL confirming that Logistics is the fastest growing civilian sector for service robots! Sales of logistics robotic systems, mainly autonomous vehicles, grew 37%.

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