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Welcome to Autonomous Logistics

Logistics needs highly flexible and affordable automation. This requires a shift from 'rigid' control of 'non-intelligent' things to 'adaptive' control of 'intelligent' things. We call this Autonomous Logistics, a synergistic combination of autonomous logistics systems and autonomous material handling / transportation equipment.

ALOG TECH is giving shape to this vision by leveraging Robotics, Computer Vision and AI technologies. We are developing a new generation Autonomous Warehouse System (software layer) that can manage Autonomous Material Handling Equipment (physical layer) with little human supervision.
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Autonomous Material Handling Equipment

ALOG TECH is developing Autonomous or self-driving technology for material handling and transportation equipment. Our technology can be used to transform manually operated material handling equipment like push carts, pallet trucks, forklifts etc into robotic equipment supervised by our Autonomous Warehouse System. This technology has been used to develop Autonomous Carts for Distribution Centers (ACDC).

Autonomous Warehouse Systems

Current best-of-breed Warehouse Management Systems (WMS) use traditional optimization algorithms for planning and scheduling work in warehouses. Their algorithms are not quite efficient and cannot adapt / learn on the go. ALOG TECH is using Artificial Intelligence to change this and make warehouse systems adaptive. Our Autonomous Warehouse System can dynamically change picking strategies and direct a fleet of autonomous mobile robots (AMRs) to pick orders in half the time and cost.

Autonomous Carts

Autonomous Carts for Distribution Centers (ACDC) are self driving robotic carts designed to operate safely within warehouses. With ACDC warehouse workers spend less time walking and pushing carts, thereby dramatically increasing productivity and reducing pick-pack-ship cycle time. Our Autonomous Carts are multipurpose and can be used for a variety of tasks including order picking, inventory putaway, shelf stock replenishment, cycle counting etc. and as shuttles. They can be programmed for any process specific to your operation and can also be customized to meet your unique requirements.

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