Intelligent, flexible and affordable mobile robot

Autonomous Carts for Distribution Centers (ACDC®) are autonomous mobile robots designed to operate safely within warehouses. ACDC® uses patented computer vision and AI technologies to map the facility and navigate autonomously. Our Autonomous Carts are multipurpose and can be used for a variety of tasks including order picking, inventory putaway, shelf stock replenishment, cycle counting etc. and also as shuttles. They can be configured for any process specific to your operation and can also be customized to meet your unique requirements.

With ACDC, warehouse workers spend less time walking and pushing carts, thereby dramatically increasing productivity and throughput.

Multipurpose mobile robot

Use ACDC for conveying, order picking, putaway, cross docking or for anything else in your facility 

Easy to deploy and use

ACDC can be deployed as a shuttle in a day without need for integration with other systems


Because one size does not fit all and it matters to your business.

Intelligent automation

ACDC can be integrated with your warehouse software and other automation systems using our vendor agnostic control system AWACS.

Intelligent innovation

ACDC and AWACS generate valuable intelligence and insights from your operations to help you innovate and get ahead of competition.

Instant returns

ACDC is available as a service and can be scaled quickly, delivering near instant returns on investment.