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Worldwide spending on Robotics to reach $135 Billion

06.05.16 04:41 PM By Alog Tech - Comment(s)

International Data Corporation (IDC) has identified robotics as one of six Innovation Accelerators that will drive digital transformation. IDC forecasts global spending on robotics and related services to grow at a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 17% from more than $71 billion i...

New generation of Robots for Logistics

22.03.16 11:32 AM By Alog Tech - Comment(s)

"The logistics robot of our dreams should be low cost, multipurpose, retrainable, redeployable, and safe to work around", says Tom Bonkenburg of DPDHL in his post at Delivering Tomorrow. This pretty much sums up the design principles we've been following! He goes on to say how important it...

Robotics in 2015

30.12.15 02:07 PM By Alog Tech - Comment(s)

With 2016 around the corner, time to reflect on the year 2015! This article in MIT Technology Review summarizes advancements in robotics during the year. While driver-less cars and drones are reality, we have a long way to go in automating mundane tasks like item picking in warehouses, as ...

The fastest growing civilian sector for service robots is Logistics!

02.12.15 11:39 AM By Alog Tech - Comment(s)

Pleased to share this report by DHL confirming that Logistics is the fastest growing civilian sector for service robots! Sales of logistics robotic systems, mainly autonomous vehicles, grew 37%.

Global Logistics Robotics Market

26.11.15 01:51 PM By Alog Tech - Comment(s)

A recent report by WinterGreen Research pegs the current market size at $16 billion and forecasts that it will grow to $31.3 billion by 2020. Wow!