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Power shifts in Logistics

23.02.16 05:41 PM By Alog Tech - Comment(s)

Gartner analyst Dwight Klappich recently wrote about three power shifts that are forcing re-evaluation of logistics strategies. One of them relates to Automation and Robotics. Dwight believes that power will move away from those that do tasks to those who develop automated tools to perform tasks. As...

Open source will power Robotics

10.02.16 02:05 PM By Alog Tech - Comment(s)

From the very beginning we consciously chose open source technologies like ROS and Linux to develop ACDC. This has certainly helped us shorten the development cycle. It is encouraging to see others too adopting open source as mentioned in this post by ZDNet. Long live open source!

Why we don't have Battery breakthroughs

23.11.15 05:31 PM By Alog Tech - Comment(s)

This article analyses advancements in battery technology, which is key for electric vehicles, and suggests that this technology is still poorly understood.