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ALOG® joins India's leading incubator

18.10.21 01:05 PM By Alog Tech - Comment(s)

Excited to announce that India's leading incubator (iTIC) and technology innovation hub for autonomous systems (TiHAN) at IIT Hyderabad has selected ALOG® for incubation and funding.

Warehouse robotics is booming

26.02.21 12:25 PM By Alog Tech - Comment(s)

Ecommerce is booming and is driving growth for warehouse robots. The pandemic has accelerated this further, sparking intense investor interest. Great to see warehouse robotics companies turning unicorns and going public!  

Patent Granted

29.05.20 01:42 PM By Alog Tech - Comment(s)

Thrilled to announce that a patent has been granted for our autonomous system and method for material handling and inventory management, using robotics, computer vision and AI. This is validation of the innovative products and solutions we are developing to enable autonomous logistics! 

AMR market is booming!

22.09.19 04:38 PM By Alog Tech - Comment(s)
AMR market is booming!

Logistics continues to be the largest and fastest growing market for autonomous mobile robots (AMRs). As per the latest IFR report, around 111,000 logistics systems (worth USD 3.7 billion) were sold in 2018, a growth of 60% compared to 2017. 


22.09.19 04:26 PM By Alog Tech - Comment(s)
ACDC is now a registered trademark of ALOG TECH. It was granted by Govt of India in Class 12 - Vehicles; Autonomous and Semi-Autonomous vehicles providing automation solutions, specifically in logistics, retail and manufacturing operations.