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ALOG® trademark granted

24.09.20 08:07 PM By Alog Tech - Comment(s)

ALOG® is now a registered trademark of ALOG TECH and symbolizes our vision of Autononomous LOGistics! 

Worldwide spending on Robotics to reach $135 Billion

06.05.16 04:41 PM By Alog Tech - Comment(s)

International Data Corporation (IDC) has identified robotics as one of six Innovation Accelerators that will drive digital transformation. IDC forecasts global spending on robotics and related services to grow at a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 17% from more than $71 billion i...

Robots gain traction with Supply Chain Managers

13.04.16 09:20 AM By Alog Tech - Comment(s)

In an annual survey by logistics industry group MHI and Deloitte, 51% of respondents said robotics and automation are a source of either disruption or competitive advantage, up from 39% last year. Out of the 900 supply-chain professionals surveyed, more singled out those fields than technologies in ...