Transform your business with visual AI

There is a lot going on in warehouses, stores and factory floors that is not captured by enterprise systems. But it is often visible to experienced associates with an eye for detail or is hidden in terabytes of videos recorded by CCTV systems. What if this visual data holds some secrets or insights that could transform your business? Can this invaluable visual data be analyzed in real time in a cost effective manner?

 Our visual AI platform AIIM does precisely that. AIIM generates invaluable visual intelligence on your operations through real time video analytics powered by AI. AIIM uses advanced computer vision and AI technologies to recognize, track and count various objects or actions. AIIM can be used to automate product or equipment inspections, inventory audits, process compliance, time and motion studies, surveillance and many other visual tasks performed by people in warehouses, retail stores and manufacturing facilities. 

User centric design

AIIM is designed for business users and provides an intuitive user interface to create custom datasets and define what intelligence needs to be extracted.

Auto annotation

AIIM's Annotation module automatically annotates images or videos uploaded by users who then review them for correctness. This reduces the time and effort required for creating custom datasets by atleast 50%.

Rapid model training

AIIM's Training module enables our AI engineers to review datasets created by users and train custom AI models rapidly.

Intelligent automation

AIIM's Inference and integration module makes it easy to re-engineer and automate business processes intelligently.

Visual intelligence

AIIM generates valuable intelligence and insights from your operations which can help you innovate and get ahead of competition.

AI simplified

AIIM dramatically reduces complexity and time of AI projects and can be live in a few weeks, delivering near instant returns on investment.

Transforming LPG bottling operations

AIIM was deployed for a Fortune 500 Oil & Gas company in India for inspection and counting of LPG cylinders at their bottling plants. This was part of an Industry 4.0 initiative. The system was trained to identify different types of cylinders as well as specific defects. Ordinary surveillance cameras fixed on top of conveyors at an appropriate height and angle were used. Video feed from these cameras is processed centrally in real time by AIIM software running on a suitably sized workstation. This enabled significant reduction in labour required to inspect and count the cylinders.

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